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Buy one order of Pinkglow® Pineapples, and get 3 tote bags for free! Use Code BOG3 at checkout.

The Secret Behind Melissa’s Charentais Melons

Image of Charentais Melon

Not long ago, if you wanted to savor a taste of France’s famed Charentais melon, you would have to travel to France—specifically to Cavaillon, a Provencal town in the Charentes region of Southern France. Here, the honeysuckle sweet melon is so revered that an annual festival is held each July to celebrate its long history and intoxicatingly delicious flavor and aroma.

Some say this French heirloom cantaloupe is one of the world’s most divine and flavorful melons. Charentais are small and round with super sweet, decadent orange flesh and a luscious ambrosial aroma that hints at the goodness inside.

Until recently, Charentais were much too delicate to ship overseas. Their thin skin and delicate flesh don’t do well in long travel. Aficionados know that they must be enjoyed shortly after harvest for the best flavor, just as the French do in Cavaillon.

Today, growing year-round demand for this perfect cantaloupe has encouraged farmers to grow outside its namesake region. The secret behind Melissa’s Charentais melons can be found in the Dominican Republic in a sunny arid region that mimics Southern France’s Mediterranean climate. There, a confluence of factors including ideal climate, well-balanced soil, and favorable thermic amplitude allows MELYSOL to grow the sweetest melons we’ve ever tried. Melissa’s Charentais melons grown by MELYSOL are considered the finest French melons on the market today.

Get to Know MELYSOL | Meet the Farmer
Image of farmer in feild
MELYSOL is located in the southeast part of the Dominican Republic in the San Pedro de Macoris province. The farm was founded in 1994 by Andre Guigal, who has, in the past 40 years, perfected growing deliciously sweet Charentais. Guigal chose this region for its suitable soil, dry climate and consistent sunshine. What began as a modest farm has since grown to a farm large enough to employ 80 people.

“MELYSOL is like a family,” the grower said. “With almost 80 employees, it’s a company on a human scale where everybody knows everybody.”

Ripe melons are hand-picked every day during the cool hours of the morning, then they are sorted and transported to temperature-controlled rooms before traveling by airfreight to Melissa’s to ensure fresh delivery.

Image of melons in field
The 4 Best Things About Melissa’s Charentais Melon

Unmatched Flavor
Unlike conventional cantaloupes, Charentais melons have a pinker, more aromatic flesh. What most people know as cantaloupes are actually part of the muskmelon family, not the cantaloupe family. Charentais cantaloupes are true cantaloupes. They are deeply perfumed with a sweet, mild acidity that draws you back for more.

GLOBAL G.A.P Certified
This certification means strict, regulated standards guarantee the traceability of each melon. In addition, ground and water analyses are carried out regularly to ensure a healthy and safe growing environment.

20 Years of Experience
MELYSOL farm has perfected the art of growing insanely flavorful melons that rival those from France. The farm’s precise manner of irrigation, fertilization and sanitary protection is carefully controlled to produce melons of the highest quality.

Available Year-Round
Ideal climate, well-balanced soil, and favorable thermic amplitude allows MELYSOL to grow the sweetest melons we’ve ever tried year-round.

Make It
Image of Charentais Melon Bowl
Charentais Melon Kiwi Berry Yogurt Bowl
Charentais Melons are the perfect breakfast melons for two. Start your day off right with this tasty tropical yogurt bowl.

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