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  • Image of  2 count Charentais Melons Fruit

    Charentais Melons


    Quantity/Pack: 2 countSeasonality: Oct - MayOrigin: Dominican Republic Charentais melons are said to be the finest melon in both taste and texture....

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  • Image of  Kiwano Horned Melon Fruit

    Kiwano Horned Melons


    Quantity/Pack: 6 countSeasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USA & New ZealandFor over 3,000 years, this African horned melon has been fascinating the ...

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  • Image of  Pepino Melon Fruit

    Pepino Melons


    Quantity/Pack: 4 PoundsSeasonality: Year RoundOrigin: Ecuador Pepinos are often enjoyed in fruit or spinach salads or simply cut in half and served...

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  • Image of  Korean Melons Fruit

    Korean Melons

    Quantity/Pack: 3 count (2.5 Pounds)Seasonality: Jan - AugOrigin: USA, Mexico Single serving sized melons with an oval shape and deep yellow ridges,...

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  • Image of  Solara™ Mini Melons Fruit

    Solara™ Mini Melons

    Quantity/Pack: 2 count Seasonality: Year-roundOrigin: Mexico Meaning ‘of the sun’ Solara™ Mini Melons are sweet, juicy, tropical and fit in the pal...

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  • Image of  Gaya Melons Fruit

    Gaya Melons

    Seasonality: April - JunOrigin: Mexico A newer hybrid melon developed in Japan. The Ivory colored melon has a pure white, thin skin with occasional...

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  • Image of  Yellow Watermelon Fruit

    Yellow Watermelon

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USA, Mexico A native of Africa, it was supposedly a source of water for thirsty traders who began to sell the seeds...

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  • Image of  2 count Orange Candy Melons Fruit

    Orange Candy Melons

    Quantity/Pack:Seasonality: Feb - Mid-March, May - July, Oct - Dec Origin: MexicoAs the name implies, Orange Candy Melons are sweet like candy but n...

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  • Image of  Crown Melon Fruit

    Crown Melons

    Seasonality: Year-roundOrigin: Japan Referred to as the “Japanese King of Fruits,” Crown Melons are the highest quality muskmelons harvested in Ham...

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  • Image of  Waterloupe Fruit


    Seasonality: Origin: Mexico Tease your tastebuds with Waterloupe, a sweet and fragrant melon with the texture of watermelon and the look and flavor...

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  • Image of  Sunshine Melon Fruit

    Sunshine Watermelons

    Seasonality: May - SeptOrigin: USA Sunshine Watermelons belong to the Cucurbitaceae family, including squash, pumpkin, zucchini and cucumber, and t...

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  • Image of  Organic Cantaloupe Fruit

    Organic Cantaloupes

    Seasonality: July - SeptOrigin: USA This melon is well known to most and can be quickly identified by its roughly netted, green skin. Cut into it,...

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  • Image of  HoneyBliss Melon Fruit

    HoneyBliss Melons

    A new hybrid variety of the popular Honeydew that has the same creamy yellow-white exterior but with many more defined light brown sugar cracks, in...

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  • Image of  Hami Melons Fruit

    Hami Melons

    Seasonality: May - AugOrigin: USAThis is a very special variety melon in which the seed originated in the Xingjiang area of China. Oblong in shape ...

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  • Image of  Golden Honeydew Melon Fruit

    Golden Honeydew Melons

    These melons add sweetness to fruit salads or in refreshing drinks, such as fruit punches or daiquiris. As you may or may not know, cantaloupe and ...

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  • Image of  Galia Melon Fruit

    Galia Melons

    Seasonality: May - AugOrigin: USA, Mexico All melons are believed to have originated in India, having been cultivated since ancient times. Today, t...

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  • Image of  Crenshaw Melons Fruit

    Crenshaw Melons

    Seasonality: Apr - SepOrigin: USA A refreshing melon for snacks, added to fruit salads, in cold fruit soups or as an edible garnish. They can be ...

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  • Image of  Casaba Melons Fruit

    Casaba Melons

    Seasonality: May - SepOrigin: USA, MexicoThe casaba melon was first cultivated in Persia thousands of years ago. It wasn't introduced to the United...

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  • Image of  Canary Melons Fruit

    Canary Melons

    Seasonality: Jun - AugOrigin: USACanary Melons vary in shape from oval to oblong, almost similar to a bright yellow Honeydew Melon. The pale green ...

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  • Image of  Armenian Cucumbers Vegetables

    Armenian Cucumbers

    Seasonality: May - JulOrigin: USASometimes called the snake cucumber or uri, the Armenian cucumber is regarded as one of the best slicing cucumber ...

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  • Image of  Organic Emerald Watermelon Fruit

    Organic Emerald Watermelons

    Seasonality: Aug - SeptOrigin: USA Chilled watermelon is the perfect snack!Melissa's Organic Emerald Watermelon is an attractive round seedless var...

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  • Image of  Asaki Melon Fruit

    Asaki Melons

    Seasonality: Mar - JulyOrigin: Mexico Cut in half lengthwise, they make a beautiful bowl for fruit salad or even a chilled soup in the summer. It’s...

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  • Image of  Large Korean Melon Fruit

    Large Korean Melons

    Seasonality: JulyOrigin: Mexico Korean Melons are bright yellow with white stripes. The mild and sweet flavor isreminiscent of a perfect honeydew c...

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  • Image of  Athena Melons Fruit

    Athena Melons

    Seasonality: JulyOrigin: USA An Athena Melon is a type of muskmelon that has a longer ripening period than most varieties so the melon remains firm...

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