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Buy one order of Pinkglow® Pineapples, and get 3 tote bags for free! Use Code BOG3 at checkout.

What Makes Harry's Berries Irresistible?

Image of Harry's Berries

You know it's a Harry's Berries strawberry when a sweet, wild, jammy strawberry aroma smacks your senses. This doesn't happen with conventional strawberries. Harry's Berries are small and ruby red, with the most intense flavor imaginable. If you've never tried a Harry's Berry, chances are you have no idea what a real strawberry is supposed to taste like.

Image of strawberry growing

"We are dedicated to growing ordinary foods with extraordinary flavor. We are committed to bringing our customers the very best quality farm products that Mother Nature allows us to grow." -Harry's Berries

Image of field image of strawberries

5 Reasons to Love Harry's Berries Even More

Bees over Chemicals
For the sake of the family, the land, the farmworkers, and the fruit, Harry's Berries is certified organic, so there are no chemical pesticides. Instead, they interplant the fields with cheerful flowers that ward off berry-loving pests and invite beneficial pollinators. Typically, strawberries are at the top of the list of fruits with the most chemical residue. Because Harry's Berries skips the chemicals, you get sublimely pure strawberries with an all-natural flavor you can feel good about.

Family-Owned and Operated for over 50 Years
Harry's Berries has stayed in the family since 1967 when Harry Iwamoto started the farm. Mr. Iwamoto came from a long line of farmers who practiced resourceful and traditional ways of farming in Japan. When he moved to Southern California, he brought those traditions with him. Today, Harry's daughter and son-in-law Molly and Rick Gean and family live on the farm and operate it daily. It's known that Mrs. Gean makes dinner weekly for three generations of family members—that's over 15 people!

California Gold
The Gean family farm is located on the edge of the Oxnard Plain, along the banks of the Santa Clara River in Ventura County. This part of sunny Southern California is known for its mild Mediterranean-style climate. The location plus earth-conscious farming practices make for ideal conditions to grow what some consider the perfect strawberry. The Geans specialize in growing Gaviota and Seascape strawberries—two varieties known for their intense sweetness and flavor.

Vine-Ripe and Bursting with Flavor
Harry's Berries are harvested only once every five days to give the fruit time to reach its peak jammy flavor. Commodity growers typically harvest every three days when the strawberries are still firm and easy to pick without damage. The Geans know extra time on the vine makes all the difference— plump, sugar-sweet Gaviotas and gorgeous low-acid Seascapes beg to be eaten straight out of the basket.

Farmer's Market Goodness
Since the beginning, Harry's Berries have sold exclusively at Southern California farmer's markets, where they elicit a cult-like following. Marketgoers follow their nose to the berry stand where long lines hint of the goodness to come. Melissa's is proud to work with the Gean Family to provide Harry's Berries straight to your local grocery store where fine produce is sold—no waiting in line required. Savor a taste of California's most iconic berry and get to know the Harry’s Berries difference.

Image of Field Image 3 Strawberries
1958: Harry Iwamoto immigrates to the U.S. from Japan
1967: Harry leases 11 acres to start Harry's Berries
1983: Harry's Berries grows to 100 acres
1988: Organic growing practices are implemented
1989: Chef Nancy Silverton falls in love with Harry's Berries, inspiring chefs across L.A. to fall in love too.
1993: Farm is forced to downsize due to lease
Mr. Iwamoto passes
2008: The Gean Family leases additional acreage to increase supply to farmer's markets
2016: Production tops 500,000 pounds
2022: Harry's Berries celebrates its 55th year in business

4 Recipes That Make the Most Out of Harry's Berries Season

Harry's Berries Pavlova
Image of Harry's Berries Pavlova
While this meringue dessert appears complicated, it couldn’t be easier. After all, meringue is just egg whites whipped with sugar. Once baked and cooled, the meringue turns marshmallowy on the inside and sweet and crispy on the outside. We put the leftover egg yolks to good use by making a quick and straightforward lemon curd out of sweet Meyer lemons. To assemble, top the meringue with lemon curd, freshly whipped cream, and a whole pint of fresh Harry’s Berries. This dessert is joy in every bite.

Harry's Berries Shrub

Image of Strawberry shrub
Don’t you wish Harry’s Berries season would last forever? It’s hard to get enough of that sweet wild strawberry flavor! Alas, there are ways to preserve that strawberry-licious flavor well into the winter. The answer? Strawberry Shrub—the perfect way to transform about-to-turn strawberries into something new. We use a cold macerated method to extract every ounce of flavor from the berries. Then we mix the liquid with white balsamic vinegar and wait for the flavors to meld together. Once they do, the shrub is delightful paired with sparkling water for a sweet and tangy mocktail.

Zero Waste Strawberry Top Pesto
Image of Harrys Berries Pesto strawberry
PSA: Strawberry tops are edible! There is no need to toss the tops in the trash— strawberry tops have a nice, mild parsley-like flavor with a clean finish. To make the most out of the entire berry, we recommend Strawberry Top Pesto. To make it, rinse and dry strawberry tops—it’s okay if there are bits of red fruit still attached to the end. Finely chop tops and combine with minced garlic, parsley, macadamia nuts, parmesan, lemon juice and olive oil. Serve over warm pasta or use as a dip for cut veggies.

Harry's Berries Gummy Squares
Image of strawberry gummies
While there’s no such thing as too many Harry’s Berries, there may come a point when you want to try something new. This mildly sweet and jiggly treat is kid-approved. With the help of unflavored gelatin, strawberry gummy squares capture all the delicious sweetness of Harry’s Berries in a fun-to-eat form.

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