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Recipes from the Breakroom

  • Image of DYP® Mussel Stew
    Melissas Produce

    DYP® Mussel Stew

    March 2024
    Here’s a warming shellfish stew recipe submitted by Melissa’s in-house Nutritionist, Natalie Rodriquez.
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  • Image of Spicy Chicken Wings
    Melissas Produce

    Swicy Guava Wings!

    February 2024
    This is not just another Super Bowl wings recipe. Well, it is, but not like one your grandma ever made!
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  • Image of Champurrado
    Melissas Produce


    January 2024
    One of the perks of writing this blog, besides getting to know some of the interesting people on Melissa’s staff, is sometimes learning about an altogether “new” dish!
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  • Image of Cranberry Salsa over Cream Cheese
    Melissas Produce

    Cranberry Holiday Salsa

    December 2023
    Here’s a healthy holiday appetizer dressed in the colors of the season, which will contribute a tasty mix of both sweet and spicy to the festivities!
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  • Image of Pearl Onion Gratin
    Melissas Produce

    Thanksgiving Pearls

    November 2023
    Here’s a perfect side dish for all of our Thanksgiving tables, whether one is cooking at home or looking for a dish to contribute to the family’s annual holiday potluck gathering.
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  • Image of Roasted Vegetable Soup
    Melissas Produce

    Roasted Vegetable Soup

    October 2023
    Here’s a recipe that comes along just in time to help warm us as October’s chilly temperatures signal that the fall season is here.
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  • Image of Guacamole & Strawberries
    Melissa's Produce

    Gringo Guac!

    September 2023
    September is National Tailgate Month. Okay, I made that up–but this month is the beginning of a new NFL season, and it will be celebrated in parking lots across this country every Sunday through January of next year!
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