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Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your dad, grandfather, or a father figure in your life, we have something special just for you. Save 15% off selected items until 6/16/24. Use code DAD. ⮞
Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your dad, grandfather, or a father figure in your life, we have something special just for you. Save 15% off selected items until 6/16/24. Use code DAD. ⮞

Father’s Day Leads to Summer Fun...

Father’s Day is Sunday June 15, 2014. Fathers nationwide will be celebrating with their families with fun and plenty of food. Father’s Day is the beginning of the great “grilling season”, too. Melissa’s has some great ideas to help please Dad on his special day of the year.
Image of Spicy Edamame
Spicy Edamame and Roasted Baby Dutch Yellow® Potatoes are both ready-to-eat right out the package. Serve them cold or warmed in their own microwavable tray, both are perfect for a quick snack or appetizer before Dad’s favorite meal.
Image of pineapples
You can also try some veggies on a skewer, brushed with a little olive oil and placed on a low grill until they are tender. Everyone will love them. Then grill some fresh fruit like pineapple, tomatoes, and grapes for an interesting skewer combination. Fresh corn on the cob is a popular item to grill. Something different and delicious to grill is a whole eggplant. After the grill is off (charcoal barbecue), place a piece of tin foil on the grill, then a WHOLE eggplant. Do NOT puncture with any holes... this will keep the juices in. Keeping the lid on the grill, turn the eggplant about every 15 minutes, until it is completely tender, about an hour total. Once it is done, carefully remove and slice. It will be like butter! Sprinkle a little truffle salt on and you have a wonderful treat. YUM!
Image of Couscous
Serve the fresh fruit skewers with burgers, chicken or even veggie dogs! Add the freshly grilled corn, a green salad and you are all set. For your favorite salad, start with your favorite mix of greens; don’t forget about radicchio, spinach, arugula, and watercress. Toss greens together with fresh cucumber slices, tomato wedges and sprouts for a wonderful, light salad. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. For a heavier salad, toss with quinoa, couscous or cold pasta (like penne, linguine or angel hair).
Image of Soy Ground®
Right after Father’s Day every year is the first day of summer, the longest day of the year. Many schools are already out for the summer while others are just about done. This year, the first day of summer is June 21, 2014. Pool gatherings, beach outings and park picnics will be filled with snacks and foods. Make sure Melissa’s organic fruits and vegetables are included for a great way to create these summer snacks, salads and main dishes. Strive to eat five a day to stay healthy and trim. Every year, we make eating right easier by introducing convenient ready-to-go products and tasty treats. Substitute Melissa's delicious meat alternatives, like Soy Ground®, Soy Taco and Soyrizo to replace regular meat products. All are low fat with no cholesterol and have a great flavor. Use them to create fast, easy and healthy summer dishes. Enjoy your summer with the freshest fruits and vegetables available!


Ramadan is a Muslim holiday that begins the evening of June 28, 2014 and ends the evening of July 28, 2014. It is celebrated during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. This important Muslim holiday observes fasting, worship and a renewal of family. Fasting takes place during daylight hours to show sacrifice and for the Muslims to engage in more prayer than normal. They also abstain from smoking or any other daily enjoyment.

There are five pillars of the Islam religion:
  • Shahadah: Declaring there is no god except God, and Muhammad is God’s messenger.
  • Salal: Ritual prayer, 5 times a day.
  • Zakat: Giving 2.5% of one’s savings to the poor and needy.
  • Sawm: Fasting and self-control during the blessed month of Ramadan.
  • Haji: Pilgrimage to Mecca, at least once in a lifetime if he/she is able to do it.
These are the rules for this major holiday in the life of a Muslim. Vegetables play a large part in their lives as many Muslims do not eat meat of any kind. Grains are also a large part of their diet, as well as legumes. Muslims enjoy foods that are whole and from the earth. They are the perfect Melissa’s consumers!
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