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Rose Petal Liqueur
By Chef Hazel Evans


3 cups Edible Flowers (use Rose Petals)
1 strip Lemon Rind
1 bottle Brandy or you can substitute vodka or rum if you prefer.
1 1/2 cups Sugar


Choose roses that have not been sprayed with insecticides or polluted by exhaust fumes.

Rinse and carefully dry the petals if they are dusty.

Put the rose petals and the lemon rind in a wide-mouthed screwtop jar.

Cover with the brandy, seal, and leave in a cool place for 28 days, shaking occasionally.

Add the sugar, and leave for 14 days, shaking well once or twice a day, so that the sugar is dissolved.

Strain off the petals and discard them.

Decant the brandy into a sterilized bottle.

Seal tightly and leave to mature for at least a month in a cool, dark place before using.