Stuffed Veggie Sweets with Tropical Fruit Salsa
By Chef Tom Fraker


1 pint Melissa's Veggie Sweet Mini Peppers (about 10 peppers)
1/2 Melissa's Sugarloaf Pineapple -- peeled; diced small
1 Dragon Fruit -- peeled; diced small
1 Korean Pear -- peeled; cored; diced small
2 Melissa's Baby Kiwi -- diced small
1 Mango -- peeled; diced small
1 Red Fresno Chile -- stem removed; minced


Prepare a hot grill. Place the veggie sweets on the grill and cook until you get nice grill marks. When cool enough to handle, split the peppers from stem to tip to create a pocket.

Set aside. In a bowl, gently combine the rest of the ingredients. Gently stuff each of the peppers and serve. Makes about 5 servings.


Grilling these mini peppers brings out their sweetness and gives them a smoky flavor.