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Couscous Lettuce Wraps
By Melissa's Corporate Chef

Couscous Lettuce Wraps


1 1/2 cups Vegetable Broth
2 teaspoon Butter or olive oil
1 Organic Bell Pepper red or yellow (diced)
1 small Organic Red Onions diced
1/2 cup Organic Apples diced (variety of choice)
1 cup Champagne Grapes (or other in-season grapes)
1/4 cup Pine Nuts
1/2 Salad Dressing, ranch flavor
To Your Taste Salt and Pepper
8 leaves Organic Leaf Lettuce red or green (washed and patted dry)


1. Cook couscous according to package directions, cool to room temperature
2. Peel onion
3. Wash all the vegetables and fruits thoroughly
4. Separate grapes from stems, measure and put into large mixing bowl
5. Dice pepper, onion and parsley in food processor then add to bowl
6. Dice apple in processor, measure and add to bowl
7. Measure and add pine nuts to bowl
8. Add the cooled couscous and mix thoroughly.
9. Measure and add dressing to bowl
10. Talk to parent about how much salt & pepper to add.

Making a Wrap (watch mom or dad do one first)
1. Place lettuce leaf flat on cutting board, long ways with ribs down.
2. Spoon a portion of couscous mixture across leaf slightly lower than center, leaving 2 inches of leaf on each end.
3. Fold bottom of leaf over mixture
4. Fold ends inward
5. Roll leaf into packet.
6. Package each wrap separately with plastic wrap or foil if taking on a picnic.

Adult Notes
1. Handle the hot pot of Couscous, but it does need to be fluffed before it cools down; this is something an older child can do safely if the steaming couscous is transferred to another bowl along with a warning about hot steam
2. The Couscous mixture wrap should resemble stuffed grape leaves.
3. These wraps are delicious and kid taste-tested, you might want to double the recipe so you are not caught short at your picnic!

Cooking Lesson Opportunities
1. Food processor 101 – cover safety and how it works, setting differences and cleaning the equipment, which includes very sharp blades.
2. Both big and little chefs need to learn how to clean up as they go!

Servings: 4