Charentais Melon Proscuitto Wrap
By Chef Tom Fraker


20 Basil leaves
1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil good quality
My Grinders use Rainbow Peppercorns to taste
1 Charentais Melon* cut into 10 wedges
10 slices Prosciutto
*(Can also be substituted with our Organic Orange Flesh Honeydew Melon, Organic Cantaloupe, and Tuscan Cantaloupe Melon)

In a bowl, gently toss the first 3 ingredients until the basil is well coated. Place 2 basil leaves down from end to end on a platter.
Next lay 1 melon wedge on the basil. Finish by wrapping a slice of prosciutto around the melon and the basil.
Repeat for the remaining melon wedges.

I like to drizzle a little balsamic reduction over the top of the wraps.

Servings: 10