Hungarian Wax Pepper Caponata
By Melissa's Corporate Chefs


3 tablespoons Organic Garlic *Roasted and minced
6 ounces Kalamata Olives or Black Olives Salt and Pepper to your taste Olive Oil (optional)


Roast Hungarian wax pepper on barbeque grill or stovetop until blackened but do not let it turn grey.

Remove from heat, place in bowl, and cover with plastic wrap.

Let cool for about 10 minutes then remove vein and seeds (use gloves and be careful to not touch eyes or face)
Dice peppers into small pieces.

In larger bowl, place garlic, diced red pepper and Hungarian wax peppers along with chopped olives.

Season to taste with salt and pepper and add olive oil if desired.

Serve at room temperature, atop your favorite deli sandwich or as a starter with crispy bread and goat cheese.

Servings: 4