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Onions, Caramelized

Caramelizing brings out the natural sweetness of the onion by cooking them slowly in a little olive oil.

You can caramelize any type of onion, but the sweeter onions such as Melissa's Perfect Sweet Onion, Vidalia or Walla Walla will caramelize quicker than a regular yellow onion.

Caramelized onions can be used in any savory dish; sandwiches, mashed potatoes or drizzled with a little balsamic vinegar and served as a side to meat.

Carameling Yellow Onion 1Cut onion in half through the root end and peel outer skin off.

Carameling Yellow Onion 2Slice into desired pieces.

Carameling Yellow Onion 3For each onion add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to a heated pan. If desired 1 tablespoon butter may be added for extra flavor.

Carameling Yellow Onion 4Stir onions to coat with oil, add a pinch of salt to help draw out some of the moisture and to add flavor. If the onions are not a sweet variety a teaspoon of sugar may be added.

Carameling Yellow Onion 5Stir occasionally to keep the onions from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Cook on medium-low until onions are brown and sweet.