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Haunted Graveyard
By Elizabeth Weinstein

Haunted Graveyard


6 cups Chocolate Pudding (from 3 packets instant pudding mix, prepared)
3 cups Cookie Crumbs (from 1 large pack sandwich cookies, crumbled in a food processor)
4 cups Whipped Topping (about 1 container)
1” thick slice of Jackfruit
1 Buddha’s Hand Citron
Gummy Worms
Candied Buddha’s Hand Worms
1 tube Icing Gel, black
9" x 13” baking pan


Spread the chocolate pudding in the pan. Stand the jackfruit slice vertically at one end of the pan, so it resembles a tombstone. Mound the whipped topping across the center of the pan, and sprinkle the cookie crumbs to cover the entire pan.

Arrange a whole Buddha’s Hand citron or Buddha’s hand slices so it resembles a hand coming from the grave. Decorate with the gummy worms and candied Buddha’s Hand worms.

Refrigerate for two hours before serving. Just before displaying, write “R.I.P.” or another spooky message on the headstone.