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Plantain Bananas


For Chefs & Produce Managers
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Quantity/Pack: 5 Pounds
Seasonality: Year Round
Origin: Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico
Plantains are used primarily as cooking bananas. They are commonly used like vegetables rather than as fruit, because of their high starch and low sugar content. However, as the peel turns from yellow to brown, the starches turn to sugars, making them a delicious, unusual addition to your summer grilling.

Extremely popular in Latin American cuisine, plantains are also essential ingredients in West Indian and African cooking, where they are used in soups and stews, or simply baked or fried for an easy side dish. Larger and firmer than traditional Cavendish bananas, the taste of a plantain is different at every stage of ripeness. Only your own experience will tell you which stage will suit your taste buds.

To prepare for frying, simply cut off ends, peel and remove any fibrous strings. To prepare for baking, do not peel. Instead, simply pierce with a fork in several places.

Store Plantains uncovered at room temperature. Turn occasionally.

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