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Plantain Bananas


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Quantity/Pack: 5 Pounds
Seasonality: Year Round
Origin: Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico

Fresh plantains offer endless culinary possibilities! Enjoy them sweet or savory – fried, baked, mashed, or as a delicious addition to stews and soups. These premium, hand-selected plantains bring a touch of the tropics to your kitchen with their naturally sweet, starchy flavor. Easy to prepare, they're ready to inspire your culinary creativity!

Tostones: The classic! Twice-fried plantains make a crispy, salty snack or side dish. Serve them with dipping sauces like garlic aioli or a spicy chimichurri.
Plantain chips (Chifles): Thinly slice the plantains, fry until crisp, and season with salt or your favorite spices.
Mofongo: A Puerto Rican specialty where plantains are mashed with garlic, olive oil, and often crispy pork bits (chicharrones). Deliciously filling comfort food.
Plantain Patties: Grate plantains, mix with seasoning, and pan-fry into savory fritters.

Fried sweet plantains (Maduros): Let the plantains ripen until very dark. Fry in butter and a sprinkle of sugar or cinnamon until caramelized and tender.
Plantain Pancakes: Mash ripe plantains and use like a banana in pancake batter. Extra flavorful!
Plantain Bread: Similar to banana bread, use ripe plantain for a moist, sweet loaf.
Plantain Smoothie: Blend ripe or frozen plantains with milk, yogurt, a touch of sweetness, and spices for a tropical-tasting breakfast.

How to choose?

It depends on the ripeness level of your plantains!

Green: Better for savory dishes where you want starchiness
Yellow with black spots: Perfectly versatile for both savory or sweet
Very dark/black: Ideal for sweet dishes since they will be the most sugary

How to store?

Green Plantains (unripe):
Room temperature: Store on the counter away from direct sunlight. They'll ripen in about a week.
Speed up ripening: If you need them to ripen faster, place them in a paper bag with a ripe banana or apple.

Yellow Plantains (ripening):
Room temperature: Keep at room temperature and use within a few days as they continue to ripen.

Ripe Plantains (yellow with black spots or very dark):
Room temperature: Best used immediately for maximum sweetness.
Refrigerator: Refrigerate for 2-3 days more to slow down further ripening.
Freezer: For longer storage, peel and slice ripe plantains and freeze in a freezer-safe bag or container for up to 3 months.

Important Notes:
Avoid storing plantains in areas with high humidity.
Do not store ripe plantains in the refrigerator for too long, or they may develop a mushy texture.

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Reviewed by Melissa's Nutritionist.