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Natalie Rodriguez

Title: Corporate Nutritionist

Location: California

Education: Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Expertise: Food and nutrition, FDA food labeling and regulations, nutrition analysis, & wellness.

Experience: Natalie Rodriguez is a nutritionist who works with Melissa’s Produce to educate and present nutritional facts and findings on various fruits and vegetables to better understand their vast benefits. Natalie believes knowledge is power and what you do with that knowledge makes all the difference.

Her personal journey in nutrition started about ten years ago when her own health was severely impacted by her dietary choices. She went to her doctor to solve the problem, but their only solution was to take medications indefinitely; so, she sought a different solution: changing her diet.

After researching, seeking help from nutrition professionals, and experimenting with different diet plans, she returned to her doctor and discovered her overall health was restored.

Natalie took her diet and nutrition into her own hands and it launched her pursuit of a career in nutrition. Now Natalie aims to do the same for others as she did for herself.