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For Chefs & Produce Managers
Food Service: 323-584-4940
Produce Managers: 800-468-7111

Quantity/Pack: 2 lbs.
Seasonality: May - Jun & Sept - Dec
Origin: USA, Chile, & Israel

(Pronounced purr-SIM-un)

Native to China and Japan, Persimmons are now widely grown for commercial use in California. Eaten fresh, cooked or even candied, the most common variety of Persimmon is called the Hachiya (or Japanese persimmon). Large and round with a pointy base, the Hachiya Persimmon is easy to distinguish from its smaller, flatter, tomato-shaped counterpart called the Fuyu. Although both varieties have red-orange skin and jelly-like flesh when ripe, the similarities stop there. The Hachiya when completely ripe is soft, creamy and tangy-sweet, while the Fuyu remains firm upon ripening with no tangy aftertaste.

Persimmons from Melissa’s are hand-selected for excellent quality. Choose smooth, brightly-colored Persimmons that are plump. Fuyu should be firm. Ripen at room temperature and store refrigerated for several days. Then simply rinse, peel and slice.

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