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Shop our Holiday sale! Save 15% off select items at checkout. Use code HOLIDAY23.

Horseradish Root


For Chefs & Produce Managers
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Quantity/Pack: 14 Ounces
Seasonality: Horseradish Root
Origin: USA

Horseradish, (one of the five bitter herbs of the Jewish Passover) is grown mainly for its large, white, hot and spicy flavored roots. A native of southeast Europe and western Asia, Horseradish now can be found growing in other parts of Europe and the United States.

Although its spiky green leaves can be used in salads, this root vegetable is usually crushed or grated and made into a sauce to be served with fish or meat. You can also enjoy with sushi instead of traditional wasabi, add to hummus or guacamole, or mix into creamy mashed potatoes for an added depth of flavor.

When selecting Melissa's Horseradish, look for well-formed, similarly shaped roots. Horseradish should be hard and free of soft spots or sprouts.

Wrap in a damp paper towel to store, place in a plastic bag, and refrigerate for several weeks. Horseradish can develop soft or moldy spots without affecting the quality of the root itself; this is a natural characteristic of Horseradish and should be removed by scraping off. Scrub Horseradish with a brush under running water, before use. Peel before using or grate with a sharp metal grater in the desired amount.

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