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Chinese Celery

For Chefs & Produce Managers
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Seasonality: Year Round
Origin: USA, Mexico

Melissa’s Chinese Celery can be distinguished from ordinary celery by its size, color, taste and pronounced fragrance. This Asian herb is thought to have originated from a wild form of celery.

Certainly a heartier variety than regular celery, Chinese Celery has long been considered a staple in China. Compared to western celery, Chinese Celery is actually quite small. Its stalks are thin, hollow and extremely crunchy. Colors range from white to dark green and both the stems and stalks have a strong flavor. When used as an herb, Chinese Celery adds great flavor to soups and braised dishes. As a vegetable, Chinese Celery is often stir-fried and almost never used raw.

Chinese Celery from Melissa’s is hand-selected for excellent quality. Because the stalks are narrower than regular celery, Chinese Celery may appear somewhat skimpy and limp, but will still be of good quality. Store in the vegetable crisper of the refrigerator for several days.

Rinse and pat dry. Chinese Celery is almost never used raw. The entire plant is chopped up and cooked.
Reviewed by Melissa's Nutritionist.