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Melissa's Sapūrana Mango Program

Sapūrana Mango

Los Angeles, California (2020) – The “Sapūrana” in Punjabi, India, the homeland of the now globally cultivated mango, translates to “perfect or perfection”. It is an apt name for Melissa’s new year-round pre-conditioned mango program. While mangoes are the most consumed fruit worldwide, this tropical favorite is difficult to handle and transport long distances. The slightest change in storage conditions or temperature has always resulted in inconsistent ripeness by the time the fruit reaches the retailer.

Mangoes sourced from our growing partners worldwide will go through a ripening process that stores the fruit for a time in a specific mixture of oxygen, ethylene gas and temperature. The process is similar to that used to ripen avocados evenly for retail distribution. By tweaking the fruit’s storage environment, the ripening stages of the fruit can be controlled. Though the mango varietal selection will rotate depending on the season and growing location--a perfect, ready-to-eat fruit will be guaranteed every time!

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