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For a limited time only, use code GRILLING15 at checkout to get 15% off selected Summer Grilling items! ⮞

Archive 2013 to 2014


Organic Winter Pears
2014 is Here!
Simple Sides: Tangerine Appetizers
Carrot Puree with Vadouvan Tarragon and Almond Cream
Fresh Off the Menu: Buon Gusto Italian Cuisine and Deli
More Reasons to Love Chocolate
New Year's Resolution Made Easy

Simple and Super
February is filled with food-days!
Simple Sides: Potatoes & Spinach
Quinoa is the new "it" food!
Valentine Ingredients Challenge: Shallot, Plantain Banana & Chipotle Pepper
Salads - They don't have to be raw!
Johnny Potatoseed
Product Spotlight - Fruit
Product Spotlight - Vegetables

Get on a Roll with Spring Greens
Spring is in the air!
Simple Sides: Green Beans & Dried Figs
Cabo-Style Poached Eggs with Roasted Poblano Chiles, Charred Corn & Poblano Cream Sauce
Vanilla Please!
Ingredients Challenge: Baby Bok Choy, Red Papaya, Fresh Horseradish
The King of Condiments
Product Spotlight - Fruit (March 2014)
Product Spotlight - Vegetable (March 2014)

From Boredom to Bliss
April Brings Us Easter, National Soy Month and Earth Day
Simple Sides: Savory Strawberries!
Mexican Tortilla Soup Touches the Soul...
Easter Winter Pickles
Ingredient Challenge: Celery Root, Pixie Tangerine, Veggie Sweet Peppers
Strawberry Fields: A Pathway to Economic Equality
Product Spotlight - Fruit (April 2014)
Product Spotlight - Vegetables (April 2014)

Making the Most of Melissa’s Produce
Celebrate May with Fiestas, Mom and Barbecues
Simple Sides: Kale Chips & Carrot Ribbons
Carrot Greens Pesto with Linguini
L is for Lemon (Liqueur)
Ingredient Challenge: Baby Pineapple, Baby Potatoes, Fresh Coconut
Wanted Dead or Alive: The Artichoke?
Product Spotlight - Fruit (May 2014)
Product Spotlight - Vegetables (May 2014)

Pancakes for Pop
Father's Day leads to Summer Fun...
Potato Crust Pizza!
Vegan Saag Paneer
Simple Summer Salads
Ingredient Challenge: Baby Pineapple, Baby Potatoes, Fresh Coconut
Welcome to Plant-Based 411!
Wanted Dead or Alive: The Artichoke?
Product Spotlight - Fruit (June 2014)
Product Spotlight - Vegetables (June 2014)

A Conversation About Organic Peaches
July Brings Us the Official Start of Summer!
Simple Sides: Potato Salad, No Mayo!
Avocado Tomatillo Salsa
Grill It! Rub In Flavor, Reduce Fat
Recipe of the Month: Melissa’s Associate Santos Ruiz
Star Spangled Salad
Hearts of Palm
Cool Down with Refreshing Fruits of the Season
Enjoy Fresh Summer Veggies for the Grill

Daily Organic Servings
Summer is here and so are Hatch Chiles!
Simple Sides: Summer Plums
Sriracha Hummus Garbanzo Beans
Summer Grilling Tips
A Super Smoothie!
Got Protein?
Thank You Meryl Streep!
Summer Fun with Melissa's Fruits
Melissa's Summer Season Veggies

A Toast to Summer Fruit
September Brings Us... Back to School and the Jewish High Holy Days Rosh Hashanah with Yom Kippur following in early October
Simple Sides: Carrots & Grapes!
Lowlands Margarita
Cuban Grilled Plantains
Associate Recipe of the Month: Oven-Baked Paella! Contributed by Melissa’s John Dunham
End of Summer’s Seasonal Best
Melissa’s Fresh Fruit Picks of the Season
Veggie Picks for Month

The Joy of Autumn Cooking
October is Here!
Simple Sides: Broccoli Florets
Salad of Grilled White Shrimp, Corn, Avocado and Roasted Chiles in a Lime Vinaigrette
Thai Tomato Soup (Vegan)
Cauliflower Fried "Rice"
Pink is the New Orange Pumpkin
Pumpkin Power
Refreshing Fall Fruits
Fall Vegetables Are Here...

Romaine Boat Salad
Time to Give Thanks!
Simple Sides: Butternut Squash
Linguini with Heirloom Tomatoes, Capers, White Wine and Calamari
Pumpkin Power
Pink Pumpkin Ravioli
Autum’s Seasonal Best Salad
Field Odds
Fall Fruits
Fall Vegetables for Your Home

Roasted Organics by Mark Mulcahy
Holiday Celebrations and the Welcoming of a New
Simple Sides: Tangerine Rice by Dennis Linden
Two Holiday Essentials: 18-hour, Homemade Crockpot Chicken Stock & Homemade Rosemary and Garlic Seasoning Salt by Heidi Allison
Holiday Tips to Keep Your Weight Loss on Track by By Cheryl Forberg RD
Hernandez Holiday Menudo Soup! by Dennis Linden
Shepherd’s Pie, Plant-Based Style by Nancy Eisman
Parsley, Sage Rosemary and Thyme by Dennis Linden
Holiday Fruits
Holiday Vegetables


Now There's a Fresh Idea...
A New Year
Simple Sides: No Knife Potatoes
Mexican-Style Barbequed Chicken Chopped Salad
Ingredient Challenge: Blackeyed Peas, Plantain Banana, Butternut Squash and Mandarins
2013 – The UN has declared this The Year of Quinoa
Ginger: Ale to Ailments!
Fruits for the New Year
Vegetables for the New Year

If Life Hands You Lemons... Make Lemonade!
February 2013 Festive Celebrations
Simple Side: Melissa's Steamed Vegetable Packs
Cabo-Style Ceviche
Ingredient Challenge: Recipe Contest Winner!
Fanesca Fish and Grain Soup
Winter Citrus, Peeled
February Fruits
February Veggies

Spring Time
Spring is in the Air!
Simple Sides: Pixie Tangerines
Mushroom Barley Risotto
Help Us Fight Breast Cancer All Year Long
Ingredient Challenge: Celery Root, Mango and French Beans
Blackeyed Peas and Mushrooms (Lobhia Aur Khumbi)
A Blanket of Onions
Fresh Spring Fruits from Melissa's
Springing Forward with Melissa's Veggies


Quality Organic Produce
April Brings Us National Soy Month and Earth Day
Simple Sides: Sugar Free Rhubarb
Roasted Winter Squash and Apple Soup with Smoked Chili and Fried Sage
Ingredient Challenge: Asian Pear, Ginger, Thai Chile Pepper
R is for Red Beans
The Vegetable Fruit
More Spring Veggies from Melissa's
Refreshing Spring Fruit from Melissa's for April

Moms, Memorial Day and Memorable meals
MAY is for MOM and celebrating!
Simple Sides: BBQ Support
South Indian-Style Turnips with Garlic and Black Pepper
Ingredient Challenge: Cantaloupe, Chile Peppers, Fava Beans
Summer Grilling Thai Style
Jack and the Fava Beanstalk
May Fruits
May Veggies

Grilled Fruit Salad
Father's Day leads to Summer fun...
Simple Sides: Watermelon, Soup or Salad
Scratch Parsley and Scallion Hummus with Shaved Israeli Cucumber Salad and Feta Cheese
Ingredient Challenge: Sweet Young Coconut, Plumcots, and Baby Bok Choy
Sunchokes with Grape Tomatoes and Garlic
Hybrid Fruits
Melissa's Summer Fruits
Melissa's Summer Vegetables

A Summer of Organics
Summer Fun in the Sun
Simples Sides: Potato Salads, Hold the Mayo!
German Pancakes with Fresh Berries, Whipping Cream, Orange Zest and Mint
Ingredient Challenge: Red Grapes, Red Chard & Fresh Corn
Power Foods that Perform
The Bill Gates of Agriculture Luther Burbank
Cool and Refreshing Fruits
Summer Time Veggies from Melissa's


Save Now and Enjoy Later
Summer is Here and so are Hatch Chiles!
Simple Sides: Savory Grapes
Marseille-Style Tarragon and Parsley Potato Salad
Ingredient Challenge: Figs, Grape Tomatoes, and Hatch Chile Peppers
Skinny Dips and Snacking Swaps
The Champagne of Grapes
Melissa's Summer Veggies to Energize You
More Summer Fruits from Melissa's


The New Pharmacy in Town
September Brings Us Back to School and the Jewish High Holy Days
Simple Sides Apples and Sweet Potatoes
Basque Style Braised Lamb Shanks with Rosemary and Red Wine
Ingredient Challenge: Red Plums/Radicchio/Honeydew Melon
Tomato Basil Sauce with Mushrooms
Wanted Dead or Alive: The Prickly Pear Gang
Melissa's September Fruits
Melissa's September Vegetables
411 on Truffles

The Joy of Autumn Cooking
Halloween 2013
Simple Sides: Eggplant
Cheese Grits with Roasted Hatch Chilies
Ingredient Challenge: Celery Root, Leeks, Pomegranate Arils; Sumptuous Sides
Cold History
Fall Fruit from Melissas
Fresh Veggies for Fall
411 on Truffles

It's All in How the Berry Bounces
Time to Give Thanks; Simple Sides Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes
Casarecce Pasta with Spinach Pesto and Chicken
Ingredient Challenge: Caribbean Red Papaya, Sweet Potato, and Asian Pear
Breakfast: It's Time to Make Time
Simple Sides: Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes
Apple Layers

Fall Fruits
Fall Veggies
411 on Truffles

Staying Healthy during the Holidays
A Month of Celebrations
Simple Sides: Cauliflower Pizza Crust!
Black Olive Vinaigrette
Ingredient Challenge: Blackeyed Peas, Chestnuts, and Crimson Gold Apples
Recipes to Chase Away Your Cold
Comparing Orchards to Groves!
Holiday Fruits
Holiday Vegetables
411 on Truffles

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