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Baby Dill Basil Chervil
This delicate, yet zesty herb can be found in a variety of recipes calling for light seasoning. This popular herb is well-liked for its warm, spicy overtones and rich fragrance. With nuances of licorice and cloves, Often used like parsley, Chervil’s delicate anise-like flavor provides excellent seasoning for bulgur wheat, couscous, pasta, rice and stuffings.
Chinese Celery Chives Cilantro
Certainly a heartier variety than regular celery, Chinese Celery has long been considered a staple in China and an aid to good digestion. Chopped Chives can also be sprinkled on eggs, salads, dips and are a favorite garnish on baked potatoes. Cilantro’s hardy flavor makes it a favorite of Latin, Asian, Indian and Caribbean cooking.
Crown Dill Ginger Root Italian Parsley
Ginger Root
Our Price: $14.99
This delicate, yet zesty herb can be found in a variety of recipes calling for light seasoning.
This extremely versatile root is known for its popularity in Asian and Indian cooking.   Fresh Ginger is available in two forms; Young Ginger and Mature Ginger. Considered a beneficial/medicinal herb as well as an attractive garnish, Italian Parsley works well when combined with a variety of fresh vegetables including beets, cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and turnips.
Lemon Grass Marjoram Mint
Lemon Grass
Our Price: $11.29
Lemon grass is delicious when used in Asian or Thai dishes, and can be sliced, chopped or crushed for stronger flavor. It is used in soups, stews, and tea. Resembling mild oregano, the slightly sweet flavor of Melissa’s fresh Marjoram combines easily with eggs, beans, lamb and veal. The sweet flavor and fresh fragrance of Melissa’s Mint adds a cool, refreshing flavor to a variety of menus.
Opal Basil Oregano Organic Cilantro
Melissa’s Opal Basil has crinkled, purple leaves that distinguish it from its cousin, Sweet Basil. Melissa's Oregano, a staple in Mediterranean cooking, is a robust herb with fresh, aromatic leaves. Cilantro is sometimes referred to as "the world’s most widely used herb."