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June’s Veggie Delights

Image of DYPs® (Baby Dutch Yellow® Potatoes)
Melissa's DYPs® (Baby Dutch Yellow® Potatoes)
Grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil where the days are warm and the nights are cool, Melissa's DYPs® are produced under ideal conditions that create an irresistibly creamy potato year after year. Our DYPs® have a distinctive yellow flesh with a subtle flavor and creamy texture that will have you adding to your cart every chance you get.

Be sure to try the trending smashed DYPs® for a delicious taste treat, too!
If you want over 100 other great DYP® recipes, check out our DYP® cookbook.

Tip: Store Melissa's DYPs® in a cool, dark place away from onions for the best flavor.

Image of Rhubarb
This vegetable is generally used as a fruit made into desserts. Rhubarb looks like a magenta-hued celery stalk with a sour flavor. It is usually baked into a pie with plenty of sugar and often strawberries. Rhubarb can be made into jams or jellies for a delicious spread or topping.

Try making rhubarb sauce to use as a dessert topping over ice cream or cheesecake.

Image of Veggie Sweet Peppers
Veggie Sweet Peppers
These are crunchy mini sweet bell peppers that are shaped more like chile peppers and are virtually seedless. Their petite size is very convenient and super easy to add to recipes. Use raw to add crunch to salads, sandwiches and appetizers, or add a pop of color to your crudité tray with these sweet colorful peppers. You can also cook and include them in any of your recipes that might otherwise call for bell peppers.

Image of Hatch Valley Sweet Onions
Hatch Valley Sweet Onions
These sweet onions are grown in the magic soil of Hatch Valley—the same ground that grows your favorite Hatch peppers! Enjoy these sweet and crunchy, juicy onions raw and sliced thin in sandwiches and salads, or dice them up and cook in savory omelets, comforting casseroles, or any dish that calls for onion. Availability is limited, so get them while you can. And remember, after Hatch onion season ends, that means Hatch peppers are right around the corner!

Fun fact: Hatch onions are milder than common onions due to the low sulfur content and higher water content.

Image of Mini Cucumbers
Mini Cucumbers
Crisp and refreshing, mini cucumbers are generally eaten raw with dips in various colorful salads, hearty sandwiches, or even pickled! Cucumbers have virtually no calories and are very thirst-quenching, especially on hot summer days; they are the perfect addition to a pitcher of ice-cold water with lemon or limes slices—you will love the added flavor!

Image of 5-Minute Artichokes
5-Minute Artichokes
5-minute artichokes are a quick and easy way to prepare a fresh artichoke in minutes! Just follow the directions on the package by popping it into the microwave in the special wrapper, and 5 minutes later, you're ready to enjoy! Sprinkle some flaky sea salt, serve with a side of your favorite dip like Melissa's Hollandaise sauce, a couple of lemon wedges, and you have yourself a delicious appetizer!

Image of Steamed Artichoke Hearts
Steamed Artichoke Hearts
These ready-to-eat artichoke hearts are oh-so convenient and simply delicious. Cooked and vacuum-sealed, steamed artichokes are ready to take your salads and pasta dishes to the next level. You'll love that they're low-calorie and a good source of fiber and vitamin C—just one more reason to stock up when you see these at the grocery store. Don't worry about overdoing it on stockpiling; these have a six-month shelf life, making them perfect for those who don't regularly visit grocery stores.

Image of Boiler Onions
Boiler Onions
Boiler Onions are available in white, red and gold; these versatile onions are about one inch in diameter and impart a sweet, pungent flavor. Cook as a side dish or in stews; they also taste amazing pickled. Jump for joy because these tiny adorable onions are available year-round. From holidays to summer grilling, they are so tasty in salads, soups, main dishes, and especially barbecued on skewers.

Image of Sno Peas
Sno Peas
These crispy sweet pods are so delicious! Use in stir fry dishes, salads, side dishes, or even plain for snacking. Sno peas are a very perishable pod and should be used as soon as possible. After purchasing, store unwashed peas in the crisper section of your refrigerator for 1 to 2 days max. When preparing, remove the top stem and then add them last to your recipe to keep them crisp and sweet.

Image of peppers
Fresh Peppers
Melissa's offers several varieties of fresh peppers: yellow, pasilla, red and green Fresno, an assortment of habanero colors, jalapeño, red and green Anaheim, and serrano — just to name a few.

The hottest of these mentioned is the habanero, which is off the heat scale compared to the others! Generally, the smaller the pepper, the hotter the bite. Be sure to wear gloves and use caution not to touch your eyes when preparing fresh peppers. Helpful tip; if you remove the seeds, it'll help tame the heat.

Image of The Great Pepper Cookbook
The Great Pepper Cookbook
This is one collection of recipes in our library of cookbooks highlighting all kinds of peppers, from mild to the hottest varieties around. Melissa's is the source of supply for any type of pepper your heart desires, and this book has recipes that are simple, unusual and straightforward—something for everyone! The book also includes nutrition, heat levels and fundamentals for anything you'd want to know about peppers, available in hard copy through Melissa's only.

Image of Steamed Baby Beets
Steamed Baby Beets
Melissa's Steamed Baby Beets are so delicious, super convenient and too easy to use. Plus, no more mess from boiling and peeling fresh beets! Just slice or dice and add to your favorite hot or cold recipes. These no-hassle beets are vacuum-sealed for extended shelf-life, so feel free to stock up! Melissa's also offers Steamed Golden Beets; try one or the other or try them all together!
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