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Cookin' With The Kids

  • Image of Fig Stuffed Apples
    Melissa's Produce

    Simple Sides: Fig Stuffed Apples

    September 2021
    Honeycrisps are one of the first new crops of apples harvested in late August through September. This variety is aptly named for its extremely high sugar content and tends to be quite large; both characteristics make it the perfect apple for baked desserts. 
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  • Won Ton Apple Turnovers
    Melissa's Produce

    Simple Sides: Wonton Apple Turnovers!

    September 2020
    For states bordering Canada, apple harvests are in full swing. In several of those states the harvest is a major industry and contributor to the economy; in other regions the crop stays closer to home for local consumption.
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  • Apple Cheddar Soup
    Melissa's Produce

    Simple Sides: Apple-Cheddar Winter Soup

    January 2019
    Here’s an unusual recipe that will grab the attention of young kitchen helpers because it makes a warming, deeply flavorful soup using two of kids’ favorite snack foods: fresh apples and cheddar cheese! 
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