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For a limited time only, use code GRILLING15 at checkout to get 15% off selected Summer Grilling items! ⮞

Happy New Year!

The New Year is here! Every year, we discover new and better ways to become or stay healthy. Plant-based eating is one of the latest trends; imitation animal proteins are one of the most popular foods around, even making their way into fast-food restaurants! Convenience is also still up there, but it is actually becoming more mainstream than in the past; not only are markets making things easier by having ready-made, healthier foods, but there are more and more prepared food delivery services to make it mindless! You can also meal prep, which requires some planning.

Assorted Legumes

Start by making a list of the foods you want to eat, then figure out how much you will need for each meal you plan to prepare. Generally, planning for lunch and dinner in the same prep session will save time and money. Some plant-based proteins are available at retail, so if you’re planning to go plant-based, try one of these or buy a versatile protein, such as Melissa’s steamed lentils, red kidney beans, six bean medley, etc. or lean chicken, which you can prepare in more than one way. Then, if you buy two or three of your favorite vegetables and add a piece of fresh fruit or a grain, you have a filling, great meal.

After you prepare each ingredient, divide them between your containers, seal, and label. You are all set!

Herb Spice Grinders

Melissa’s also brings you simple, healthy, and convenient products to help you start your new year on the right foot. Not just produce, but produce enhancers, too. We have spice grinders, microwavable items, ready-to-eat items, salad items, and our usual delicious fresh fruits and vegetables.

Most of us vow to eat healthier and start exercising. The New Year brings resolutions of all sorts. The most popular New Year’s resolution is to “start a diet” and lose weight. Instead of thinking about a diet, think about a new way of life… this is where meal prep can help, too. Try to eat more whole foods, plant-based foods, whole grains and more fresh fruit and vegetables that will not only satisfy your taste buds, but will also help shed some unwanted pounds without a lot of effort. If you can slowly add more and more fresh items to your food intake, you will be pleasantly surprised and you will feel better, too.

Eating healthy to feel good or eating healthy for taste, fresh fruits and vegetables are the way to go. After heading to the local produce market and buying some delicious fruits and veggies, make sure you don’t just stick a whole melon in the fridge, but you actually take the time to wash, slice, and put it in an easy-to-get-to container for snacking. When the kids come home from school or play, they can just grab a healthy snack that is naturally delicious instead of going for the bakery sweets that are high in processed sugars. Set out a plate with carrots and low-fat ranch dip. You will feel so good when it disappears!

Here are some suggestions that will make achieving your “new way of life” simple and delicious…

Clean Snax

Eat five to ten fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Studies prove that you will feel better and stay healthier when you eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Take fruits and vegetables along as a snack instead of "junk food." It's easy and you'll notice a difference. Melissa's makes it easy with so many items to choose from. Our new Clean Snax ® are a great on-the-go snack item as well as dried fruit, fresh blood oranges, or kumquats! Try them and you will see how easy it can be.

Eat more whole foods and unprocessed foods. For example, make your own chicken soup instead of buying store-bought. This way you can control the salt, fat, and other additives.

Organic Tofu

Add TOFU to your diet. Tofu is a great substitute for meat. Add it to sauces, stir-fries, soups, or make delicious drinks. Tofu can help reduce cholesterol, and it’s high in fiber. Melissa's also has many soy products: Soyrizo, Soy Taco, Roasted Soy Nuts, Organic and conventional tofu and more. Check out our Product Catalog section for all the details.

Try our line of ready-to-eat steamed vegetables. Use the beans in soups or stews, the beets and artichokes in salads and dips, and butternut squash in side dishes or entrees.

Soy Ground

Substitute meat alternatives for your hot dogs, bacon, ground round, lunchmeat, and more. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the flavor and fat reduction. Our Soy Ground is delicious! And don’t forget the plant-based proteins!

Drink 8 glasses of water daily. Try drinking a glass of water before a meal and you will get full faster... and possibly take off a couple pounds without even trying! Keep a water bottle with you so that when you get the urge to snack, take a drink! There are so many delicious flavored waters out there, so it will make it even easier! (Just make sure you get the ones that are not carbonated or full of sugar!)

Walk around the block once or twice a day. This is an excellent habit to get into. You will be surprised at how much better you will feel.

Try making small changes every few weeks and you won’t even miss your old habits! Happy New Year!
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