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Buy one order of Pinkglow® Pineapples, and get 3 tote bags for free! Use Code BOG3 at checkout.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Mom and More!

Image of Serrano Peppers
Cinco de Mayo
This year, Cinco de Mayo falls on a Friday! Cinco de Mayo has become an "American" celebration with festivities happening nationwide. The holiday started with a celebration in the United States in 1863 to show solidarity against the French rule. During this national holiday, parades and mock battles—using fruits as ammunition—are the highlight of the day. Dances, parties, fireworks, and patriotic foods all celebrate the victory at Puebla. Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo as if it were one of their triumphs, which it is not. For them, it is merely another day of fun, food and festivities.

Melissa's has a complete menu to help to make your celebration the best! We offer fresh and dried peppers to add flavor and heat to all your dishes (without the added sodium, too!) One of our trendiest ingredients is our Hatch Chile Pepper Powder Shakers; sprinkle it on your favorite dish for the authentic flavor of Hatch, New Mexico. We have added a full line of over-the-top HOT dried peppers for all the pepper heads. Use these sparingly—they are HOT! Fresh variety peppers like serrano, jalapeño, Anaheim and pasilla, as well as Melissa’s Soyrizo and Soy Taco will also help to make your Cinco de Mayo delicious!
Image of Crepes and Dessert Sauces
Mother's Day
May is for Mother's! For many people, the most important holiday in May is Mother's Day. The second Sunday of May is always a special day to honor and celebrate mothers nationwide. This year Mother's Day is May 14. Spending time with your mom is a special treat no matter how old the kids are!

Mother's Day is credited to Anna M. Jarvis. Most historians believe that Mother's Day started at a church celebration in West Virginia in 1907. It was an exceptional service arranged by Anna M. Jarvis to honor the memory of her mother. Seven years later, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother's Day a national holiday. Mothers everywhere are showered with gifts and cards from children (many hand-made) and may be pampered by everyone in the family.

Cooking for Mom at home is still a popular way to celebrate. Melissa’s brings you the best ingredients to create your special meal for Mom. Plus, there are so many services that can help you create to enjoy a Mother’s Day meal at home!

Check out our website for some of Mom’s favorite foods and try one of our delicious recipes.

Breakfast in bed is always popular for moms, including trending bowls with delicious acai and fruit, or even quinoa and fruit. Barbecuing, including plant-based items and grilled vegetables, is perfect for casual family gatherings. Our French crêpes with dessert sauce sprinkled with a touch of powdered sugar make a quick, delicious dessert. Our Hollandaise Sauce will make an Eggs Benedict super easy; just heat the packet for 10 seconds and top your dish—mom will love it, and so will everyone else!
Image of Mint Juleps
Kentucky Derby
This year, the big race is on Friday and Saturday, May 5-6, 2023. The Kentucky Derby is a top-ranking horse race for 3-year-old thoroughbred horses. The horses race on a dirt track for 1 ¼ miles. Mint Juleps are the classic drink of the Kentucky Derby. They are served with tons of fresh mint and plenty of ice! Always have plenty of mint on hand when watching so you can feel like you’re in Louisville with the racers! To add a little personality to your Mint Juleps, add fresh lychee, mango or your favorite tropical fruit.
Image of The Great Pepper Cookbook
Memorial Day
Memorial Day is Monday, May 29, 2023; this is an important holiday celebrated in the United States honoring the U.S. men and women who died while serving in the military. This national holiday allows many people the day off from work to gather at cemeteries and decorate the graves of those who have fallen.

Family gatherings are popular at the beach, park or in the backyard. Veggies are always popular; raw on platters, grilled or chopped into sides or salads. Simply choose your favorites, then serve your favorite way. Try placing them in a grill basket (or a piece of foil on the grill) and brush with a little olive oil and miso paste. Turn until they reach the desired crispness, then serve with a sprinkle of one of Melissa's Spice Grinder seasonings—delicious! Or, try our ready-to-use Hollandaise Sauce to really step it up! Check out some of our tasty DYP® recipes for side dishes and vegetarian dishes. Add peppers to your recipes for delicious flavor without adding sodium. From mild to hot, Melissa’s Great Pepper Cookbook has some great recipes for everyone!

Check out our Memorial Day Menu suggestions!
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