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Certified Organic

  • Image of Brown Butter Mashed Parsnip Dutch Yellow® Potatoes
    Melissa's Produce

    The Sides Have It

    November 2022
    Everyone will be looking to save money this Thanksgiving; Melissa’s Organic holiday produce items are a great choice to keep your budget in line and everyone satisfied with their holiday favorites.
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  • Image of Green Bean Salad
    Melissa's Produce

    When Life Speeds Up, Let Produce Slow You Down!

    July 2022
    Does it seem like things are speeding back up these days? Our slowing down that occurred during the pandemic seems to be a distant memory. We race to work, run to yoga, and feel as though the text sound is an alarm for instant action.
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  • Organic Produce Group
    Melissa's Produce

    Summer Time Organics

    August 2020
    What's your favorite? What's your best friend's favorite? How about your partner? Can you name theirs? It's fun to ask, and you may be surprised at the answer.
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