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Origin: Mexico

Tease your tastebuds with Waterloupe, a sweet and fragrant melon with the texture of watermelon and the look and flavor of a cantaloupe! That’s right; this unique variety combines the best of both melons; the exterior is green with cream netting, like cantaloupe, except with a slightly oblong versus round shape. Inside reveals cantaloupe-orange flesh and a center cavity filled with seeds. However, instead of smooth, dense flesh, the meat is juicy, refreshing and granular, like watermelon!

This delightfully aromatic melon tops the sweetness scale with a floral, honeyed flavor. You’ll know it’s ripe when it emits a pleasant, musky fragrance or when the stem end gives slightly to pressure. Ripen on the countertop. Store cut melons in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

To serve, wash melons in cool water and dry. Slice in half and remove the seeds with a spoon, then slice the melon lengthwise and cut into half-moons.

Waterloupe is best enjoyed chilled, which intensifies its refreshing characteristics. Or use in recipes calling for cantaloupes, such as antipasto salads, smoothies and fruit salads.