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Stripetti Squash

This item is currently not in season.
Not available for sale online. Ask your local produce manager.

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Seasonality: Jan - Feb, Oct - Nov
Origin: USA

A cross between a Delicata and Spaghetti Squash, this green and beige striped, watermelon-shaped squash is a hybrid of the spaghetti squash. Like its cousins, it was named because the flesh separates into spaghetti-like strands when cooked and its skin carries the characteristics of the Delicata.

Unlike summer squash (which is picked when immature and skin is tender), Stripetti Squash has a hard, thick skin and only the flesh is eaten. Stripetti Squash’s yellow flesh has a mild, nutty flavor resembling sweet potatoes. It has a multitude of uses.

To cook Stripetti Squash, bake or boil whole until soft, then cut lengthwise and remove strands with a fork. It is wonderful topped with sauce and served like pasta, as part of a casserole or even cold as a salad ingredient. Stripetti Squash is an absolute way to add variety and excitement in any meal.

Choose squash that has a hard, deep-colored rind free of blemishes or moldy spots. Tender skin indicates immaturity or poor quality. The hard skin protects the flesh and allows it to store longer than summer squash.

Store Stripetti Squash in a cool, preferably dark, well-ventilated area for up to three months. Wrap cut pieces in plastic and refrigerate up to five days.