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Red Napa Cabbage

This item is currently not in season.

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Quantity/Pack: 3 pounds
Seasonality: May - Dec
Origin: USA

Add a splash of unusual color to any salad, raw and shredded; or use as a tasty and eye-catching component in stir fry recipes.

Also called Chinese cabbage, this oblong-shaped variety has thick, crisp stems and frilly, deep magenta-red leaves.

The flavor is slightly sweeter than green Napa cabbage.

The rich red color reflects a high concentration of anthocyanin antioxidants that play key preventive roles in protecting the body from several human diseases. Red Napa Cabbage is also a good source of zinc, vitamins A, C, and calcium.

While standard red head cabbage turns an odd blue color when cooked, the leafier Red Napa cabbage holds its vibrant coloring.

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