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Page Mandarins

For Chefs & Produce Managers
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Melissa’s Page (also known as Neapolitan) Mandarins are a mix between a Clementine and a Minneola tangelo. They were discovered in Orlando, Fla. in 1963.

They are medium to small in size with a round shape. Their skin is a deep orange. The flesh is tender and juicy, rich and sweet, and they are also seedless. This fruit resembles a small orange, with a wonderfully sweet flavor. Page Mandarins give salads a fresh, sweet, citrus flavor and add a tender, juicy texture. As well as being great in salads and baked over chicken or fish, Melissa’s Page Mandarins are wonderful eaten out of hand. Enjoy Page Mandarins in a variety of ways; bake on meat or fish, grill with fish, serve in a salad, prepare for marmalades, or bake in sweet rice.

Choose Page Mandarins with a nice, deep orange coloring, a fragrant scent and no soft spots.