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Organic Cotton Candy® Grapes

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Just one bite of this super sweet grape will take you back to that childhood memory of eating Cotton Candy at the county faire.

Organic Cotton Candy® Grapes are an unusual new hybrid variety developed over eight years by breeding wild grape species. As its name implies this grape has a distinctive flavor that does, remarkably, taste very much like the spun sugar confection. This is not a genetically engineered product; but rather a tedious hand-pollination process was employed that resulted over many seasons.

The fruit has an initial burst of Cotton Candy flavor that recedes into a mild, juicy sweetness. Actually, these green to light yellow seedless grapes are low in acid and pleasantly sweet without being overly sugary. A great new healthy snack food for kids or the child in all of us! Product of Mexico.

Vine stems should to be green and pliable, never dried out. Refrigerate in crisper for up one week and wash just prior to eating.

Cotton Candy® Grapes are a trademark of IFC. Used with permission.

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