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Green Lychees

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Quantity/Pack: 3 lbs.
Seasonality: Jun - Sep, Dec - Jan
Origin: China, South Africa

This item must be shipped alone, and sent via overnight shipping due to perishability.

The Green Lychee is a very sweet, juicy, subtropical fruit native to China. Green Lychees grow on a species of evergreen tree in bunches like mulberries. They are 1 to 2 inches in diameter and covered within a thin, protective skin which is bumpy and greenish-yellow in color, kissed with a pink blush.

The pulp is a translucent white, covering a single small seed. Only the pulp is edible, so the skin and seed are discarded. Lychees are delicately sweet, extremely aromatic, and refreshingly juicy. They can be eaten out of hand or added to fruit salads or traditional Asian recipes.

Lychees are also known as the Chinese Cherry, belonging to the tropical Sapinadaceae family. This variety from South Africa features larger-than-normal sized fruit, averaging 1.5 inches in diameter, with a very small seed inside. Their bumpy, protective light green and pink blushed skin keeps the white fruit inside incredibly juicy.

Crack open just below the stem and peel to expose the fruit, then eat like a cherry, disposing of the single pit inside. Extremely aromatic and delicately sweet, each Green Lychee delivers a delightful burst of incredible flavor.

Wrap lychees in a paper towel and store in a perforated plastic bag. Lychees produce very little ethylene. Keep humidity level high and the temperature at 34 - 40ºF.
Lychees should not be peeled until just before they are served. Remove peel and black seed. When using lychees in cooking, add at the last minute for a wonderful, fragrant flavor.

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