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Forelle Pears

This item is currently not in season.

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Quantity/Pack: 5 Pounds
Seasonality: Mar - Aug (Chile) and Oct - Jan (USA)
Origin: USA, Chile

Forelle pears are a very small, tasty heirloom variety with a history that can be traced to 17th century Germany in origin. Forelle is German for “trout” – the name stems from the pear’s beautiful red blush over greenish yellow skin that is similar to the coloring of the rainbow trout. When ripe, the fruit texture is a little firmer than most other pears. This variety’s flavor is extra sweet with distinct cinnamon spice tones.

Forelle pears make an excellent out-of-hand snack; they add color and flavor to salads and pairs extremely well with tart cheeses. Product of Oregon & Washington.
Choose fruit with no bruises or soft spots. Forelle pears ripen at room temperature, though that may take several days depending upon how ripe at purchase. Can be stored unripe in a home refrigerator for several weeks; always keep ripe pears refrigerated.

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