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Quantity/Pack: 2 count (about 2 Pounds)
Seasonality: Sep - Dec
Origin: USA

Deliciously fragrant and zesty, Etrogs are an ancient yellow-green citron variety, similar to a lemon. However, the inside is almost all pith with a small amount of tart, seeded flesh. The thick pith is sweet and can be used for candies, while the rind is wonderful for zest (similar in flavor to Buddha’s Hand).

The Jewish community has prized this variety for millennia. It has a unique role during the week-long holiday of Sukkot, where it is used in prayer rituals. Etrogs can be seen in mosaics and carvings throughout Israel and on ancient coins. Where Jews have traveled, they have taken Etrog with them, and they now grow across the world, from Spain and Italy to North Africa and California.

Store Etrog in a cool, dry place for up to 4 weeks or refrigerate for up to 8 weeks. After Sukkot, Etrog zest can be mixed with sugar to top confections or made into jam. Etrog can be sliced and dried to create a garland or covered in cloves to create a fragrant pomander ball.

The following prohibit the shipment of any citrus into their state: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Hawaii.

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