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Crown Melons

For Chefs & Produce Managers
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Seasonality: Year-round
Origin: Japan

Referred to as the “Japanese King of Fruits,” Crown Melons are the highest quality muskmelons harvested in Hamamatsu, Japan. This area has the longest sunshine hours in Japan with a relatively warm climate, producing a melon of elegant, delicate sweetness and mouth-watering texture.

Melons from this area are cultivated slightly differently from other melons, in a method known as the “one tree, one fruit” method passed down through generations for the past 100 years. By leaving only one fruit on each sapling, nutrition and flavor are concentrated into a taste sensation of no match.

Each melon undergoes a rigorous inspection and sugar content analysis before shipping to ensure the highest quality melons. Crown Melons have a signature “T” shaped stem to indicate it was grown in the “one tree, one fruit” method. This lovely melon is packaged in a gift box for ceremonious presentation and an eating experience unlike any other.

To determine if this melon is ripe, push the bottom of the melon gently and if it feels slightly soft, it is ready to eat.

To slice this melon, first cut off the stem, which is bitter. Wash the bitterness from your knife, and then cut the fruit vertically. Scoop the seeds with a spoon, then cut each slice horizontally into smaller sections.

For exceptional taste and texture, cool in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours before serving.