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Chocolate Persimmons

This item is currently not in season.

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Quantity/Pack: 2.5 Pounds
Seasonality: September
Origin: USA

You’re probably familiar with the Fuyu and Hachiya persimmons, but there are other, more interesting varieties worth hunting for — one of them in particular is the chocolate persimmon.

When you bite into a ripe one, the perfectly balanced sweet and juicy flesh offers a surprise; the inside is brown, like chocolate! Small quantities of alcohol release into the flesh from the seeds, causing the tannins to respond and turn the pulp brown. The result? A rich, distinctive flavor featuring an attractive spicy complexity, unlike any other persimmon you’ve tried.

The chocolate persimmon requires pollination, ideally from bees, to ripen. Since this doesn’t always happen, their market presence becomes limited.

Product of California.

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