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Cherry Plums

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As the name implies, Cherry Plums are a hybrid cross of these two fruit favorites. Specifically, the fruit was developed in the late 1800s by crossing a Japanese plum with a North American cherry variety, producing a petit and uniquely-flavored plum.

The fruit is about half the size of a regular plum with an attractive dark ruby over peach-yellow skin. The interior fruit is also laced with the same cherry and gold colorings. The flavor is sweet-tart; the sweetness of cherry balanced quickly by the plum’s natural astringency.

The fruit be eaten out of hand, however this variety’s unique flavor is best appreciated when made into preserves, incorporated into pastries and pies or simmered into a savory sauce paired with roast chicken or duck. A special seasonal ingredient available for a just few weeks to announce the summer season!

Look for fairly firm, smooth, plump, well-formed fruit with no scarring. Plums should always be refrigerated and will keep for about a week depending on ripeness.