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For a limited time only, use code GRILLING15 at checkout to get 15% off selected Summer Grilling items! ⮞

3 Month Subscription of Melissa's Exotic Fruit


For Chefs & Produce Managers
Food Service: 323-584-4940
Produce Managers: 800-468-7111

Luscious and wholesome, exotic fruits are the perfect gift for any occasion. Exhibit your good taste and generosity by purchasing a subscription of Melissa’s Exotic Fruit. A stunning selection of the most delicious fruit will be delivered each month. At Melissa’s, the most unique fruits are selected at their peak of perfection and packed by hand in order to ensure their safe arrival. Family, friends, and business associates will delight in their flavorful packages.                   
A certificate announcing the subscription will be sent to the recipient(s) immediately after the order is placed. Fruit shipments will begin the month following the date of the order unless specified otherwise.

But don’t stop there! Why not taste these mouthwatering fruits from around the world for yourself by ordering a 6 month or 12 month subscription for your own enjoyment?

When you order the 12 Month Subscription of Melissa’s Exotic Fruit, we will send a Melissa’s Deluxe Exotic and Tropical Fruit Basket as the selection for the first month.

MELISSA’S EXOTIC FRUIT Subscription includes the following:

January 2 1/2 pounds Baby Pineapples
February 3 pounds Blood Oranges
March 4 pounds Ataulfo Mangoes
April 3 pounds Cherimoya
May 1 1/2 pounds Kiwi
June 3 pounds Strawberry Papaya
July 9 oz.
August 2.5 pounds Red Banana
September 3 pounds Asian Pears
October 3 pounds Ambrosia Apples
November 2 pounds Chestnuts

2 pounds


This item can be ordered for consecutive, consecutive odd or consecutive even months (please specify the 3 months for the fruits you wish the recipient to receive in the message section of the order form).

This item is perishable and must ship at least 2nd day and has an additional flat rate shipping charge of $45 (this one-time fee is added during checkout).

Hawaii prohibits the shipment of any pineapple into their state.

The following prohibit the shipment of any citrus to their state: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Hawaii. If you would like to order this gift for shipment to an address in one of the above states, the fruit of the month for February will be substituted.

Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If a monthly selection is not of the highest quality Melissa's will substitute another seasonal fruit of equal or greater value.