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Melissa's Yellow Dragon Fruit

Yellow Dragon Fruit

Los Angeles, California (2018) – Melissa’s announces an almost year-round supply of the best of best, Yellow Dragon Fruit, imported from our growing partners in Ecuador. This variety is prized by connoisseurs for having an extremely high sugar and juice content, translucent white interior fruit and large, crunchy edible seeds. The consistency of both quality and supply makes it possible for this exotic to be a staple of any tropical fruit retail program throughout most of the year.

Dragon Fruit comes from a vining cactus variety. Under the colorful rind is a succulent fruit containing tiny edible black seeds. The fruit is similar in texture to a melon or kiwi and, depending upon variety, can range from slightly tart to extremely sweet. The flavor of yellow Dragon Fruit is more intense when it is cold and best enjoyed chilled, right out of the skin. The sweet flavor makes this variety particularly suited for adding to salads, pastries, beverages, smoothies, sherbets, sorbets, and juices.

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