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Melissa's Tropical Avocado Program

Tropical Avocado

Los Angeles, California (2019) – Melissa’s kicks off our Tropical Avocado season and will provide good supplies of this unique varietal through late May from the Dominican Republic. Grown in a more humid ecosystem with higher ambient temperatures than the more familiar Haas variety, the Tropical Avocado shows comparative characteristics in both flavor and appearance.

Tropical Avocado varieties tend to be quite large with the smooth green skin that does not change color as the fruit ripens. Though Tropicals have less oil content [flavor] than the Haas, they consequently have a slightly firmer texture when ripe. This trait also lowers the oxidation rate, which slows the browning considerably once sliced compared to the Haas variety. These characteristics make the Tropical a favorite of culinary professionals. Great for slicing or dicing for salads and sandwiches or in ceviche and salsa!

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