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Shop our Holiday sale! Save 15% off select items at checkout. Use code HOLIDAY23.
Shop our Holiday sale! Save 15% off select items at checkout. Use code HOLIDAY23.

Melissa's Organic Drinking Coconuts

EZ Organic Sweet Young Coconut

Los Angeles, California (2018) – Melissa’s Produce announces a new year-round supply of fresh Organic Drinking Coconuts from Thailand. Enjoy refreshing and nutritious coconut water directly from the coconut itself with no fuss! Each Sweet Young Coconut has a soda-tab-style opener at the top, so opening requires no additional tools. Use the convenient straw that is hidden in the product packaging for a quick, out-of-hand thirst quencher. They coconut water can also be extracted for use as an additive to other drinks or as a sweet flavoring in baking and dessert dishes.

The water of tender, slightly immature coconuts harvested when 5-7 months of age, is a clear, sweet and sterile liquid that contains a unique collection of beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids. Coconut water naturally contains simple sugars, electrolytes, and minerals that can replenish dehydration conditions in the body quickly. These drinking coconuts are truly a natural drink; still in the packaging that nature provides, with absolutely no added sugars, flavorings or preservatives. This product is grown with no chemical pesticides or fungicides and is third party certified as being organically grown in accordance with the guidelines mandated by the USDA's Organic Foods Production Act of 2002.

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