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Melissa's Jackfruit Pods

Jackfruit Pods

Los Angeles, California (2020) – Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit on the planet. Native to the warm climates of Southeastern Asia, each fruit on average grows to be about fifty pounds and contain hundreds of edible fruit pods. The unique flavor of these pods has been described as a blend of mango-pineapple-banana and juicy fruit gum! However, these tasty fruit pods are difficult to extract as spiny, sticky antennae-like filaments surround the fleshy pods of fruit, not to mention the unwieldy size of each fruit.

Jackfruit is gaining interest among professional chefs as a unique ingredient and now Melissa’s makes this unusual fruit available to the retail consumer in a no-mess, 8 oz. container of all fruit pods. Because of the pods’ meaty texture, Jackfruit has become a popular meat substitute cooked just like meat, though it can also be enjoyed uncooked out of hand or as a flavorful component in a fruit salad.

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