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Melissa's Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise Sauce

Los Angeles, California (2018) – Melissa’s pre-made Hollandaise Sauce is perfect for the novice cook. This iconic emulsified buttery-smooth sauce, which has always required a good deal of culinary experience to master, can now be enjoyed by home cooks with little experience. Our sauce contains only natural ingredients, tastes as good as home-made, and comes is a convenient one-serving packet. Serve hot on vegetables, especially asparagus; it is also delicious on fish or eggs, being a primary component in Eggs Benedict.

While this well-known sauce of primarily butter and egg yolk has been part of French cuisine since the 17th century, the name Hollandaise came about during a World I butter shortage in France. French chefs had to import this ingredient from Holland and began calling the sauce made from the imported butter “Hollandaise”, meaning Holland-style or from Holland. After the war, the French dairy industry recovered but the name stuck. Melissa’s Hollandaise Sauce is made in France of entirely natural ingredients in the classic tradition.

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