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Melissa's Hatch Pepper Polenta

Hatch Pepper Polenta

Los Angeles, California (2019) – The Hatch chile pepper, grown exclusively in the Mesilla Valley near Hatch, New Mexico, is considered to be one of the most flavorful peppers in the world. The pepper has a pleasant lingering heat with a taste that is sweet, spicy, crisp, and smoky all at once in perfect balance.

A staple of Northern Italian cuisine, Polenta (corn-meal) has become a favorite item on American menus. Melissa’s introduces a convenient one-pound chub of pre-cooked Polenta laced with the unique flavor of the Hatch pepper. This tube of polenta is shelf-stable for up to 90 days. It can be easily sliced in rounds and warmed on the grill or in the oven, then drizzled with olive oil and fresh herbs. Polenta can be also topped with a favorite sauce and/or layered with cheese. The distinctive flavor combination of corn and hatch chile is truly something special.

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