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Melissa's Fresh Organic Date Program

Los Angeles, California (2022) – Dates are the world’s oldest cultivated fruit--people have been growing them for at least 6,000 years. Full of natural sugars, mostly in the form of glucose and fructose, they represent a healthy and highly energizing snack choice. Melissa’s is now offering four date products in convenient one-pound clamshell containers.

The Medjool date is considered the premiere variety of dates. Its larger size, chewy texture, and decadently sweet flavor have made the Medjool prized above others for millenniums. The amber-colored Deglet Noor is drier, firmer, less sweet and more elongated than the Medjool with a pleasant nutty flavor. Because Deglet’s are pitted, they are the date mostly used as a component in savory dishes and in baking. Our Organic Date Almond Roll and Organic Date Coconut Roll is a mixture of dates and chopped almonds or naturally sweet shredded coconut rolled tightly into a log is that can then be cut into bite-sized pieces and served as date “candy” for a healthy hand-snack.

Melissa’s Produce is the leading U.S. variety distributor of specialty and organic fresh produce as well as related products processed from fresh produce. The company imports exotic fruits and vegetables from around the world. Melissa’s Produce can be contacted at 1.800.588.0151 or at

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