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Melissa's Fioretto Flowering Cauliflower

Fioretto Flowering Cauliflower

Los Angeles, California (2019) – Melissa’s offer this exciting newer variety of hybrid cauliflower called Fioretto, which means “little flower” in Italian year round now. Fioretto has small white florets atop long slender, bright green stems. The entire plant can be eaten from the stem to the tiny florets, unlike regular cauliflower that has a thick base stem.

Fioretto is softer in texture and much sweeter in flavor than standard cauliflower. This variety will retain its freshness for up to one week under refrigeration. Fioretto is a wonderful addition to stir-fries and soups; it can also be blanched, mashed, pickled, steamed or roasted. Try it raw in salads or simply pan-seared with a little salt and pepper for a deliciously unique side dish.

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