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Melissa's Dried Fig Program

Los Angeles, California (2022) – Figs have been enjoyed by man since before written history. They were first cultivated in China, then spread by the Greek and Roman empires around the world. Spanish missionaries brought the fig to southern California in 1520 to be enjoyed for centuries after. Dried figs are an excellent source of dietary fiber and essential minerals and are rich in health-promoting antioxidants. Melissa’s is now offering two varieties of this delicious and healthy fruit in convenient 8 oz. clamshells.

Black Mission figs are extremely sweet. Despite their color-coded name, the skin is actually a deep blue-purple with a stunning shade of dark pink interior fruit. Black Mission’s extreme sweetness makes them perfect for eating out of hand or halved on a platter with a tangy fresh cheese.

Golden figs are more intensely sweet compared to Black Mission figs. Sugar crystals will sometimes form on the outer skin. Their sweet flavor makes the perfect hand snack or pairs well with savory chicken or pork dishes.

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