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Melissa's Costa Azul Hot Sauce

Costa Azul Hot Sauce

Los Angeles, California (2020) – Melissa’s introduces a hot sauce made from the red jalapeño grown at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula where the growing conditions and rich soil produce a uniquely flavorful pepper. Packaged exclusively for Melissa’s, we named this tasty sauce after a well-known beach in the region, Costa Azul.

The red jalapeño pepper is simply a green jalapeño that has been left on the vine to mature. During that ripening process the jalapeño changes color from green to red. The additional ripening means more capsaicin have had time to develop in the pepper itself; capsaicin is what gives hot peppers their spiciness. The green jalapeño has a fresh, crisp taste, while a red jalapeño is sweeter with slightly more heat. Red jalapeños are preferred in hot sauces. In fact, Sriracha Hot Sauce, one of the most famous hot sauces in the world, uses red jalapeños as its base ingredient. The difference with Costa Azul Hot Sauce is that it has a slightly sweeter taste and contains no vinegar like classic Sriracha.

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