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Melissa's Cooked Quinoa

Cooked Quinoa

Los Angeles, California (2018) – Melissa’s has made one of the healthiest grains in the marketplace even more convenient with a pre-cooked, 60-day shelf-stable chub that combines both white and red quinoa – just slice and warm up! Quinoa is a complete protein source, rich in fiber, high in protein, gluten free, low on the glycemic index, heart healthy and very tasty! There is no difference between red and white quinoa nutritionally; however, the combination offers great eye appeal.

Quinoa has origins dating to the ancient Aztecs, who considered the grain a super food that enhanced energy and stamina. Use quinoa as one would use rice. The loaf slices can be quickly heated up in a microwave or sautéed, served as a stand-alone patty or broken up for stir-fry with vegetables or as an ingredient in oven-baked casseroles. This eye-catching product of France is convenient, super healthy and delicious!

Melissa’s Produce is the leading U.S. variety distributor of specialty and organic fresh produce and products. The company imports exotic fruits and vegetables from around the world. Melissa’s Produce can be contacted at 1.800.588.0151 or at our website.