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For a limited time only, use code GRILLING15 at checkout to get 15% off selected Summer Grilling items! ⮞



"I love your crepes so much! I have made up many low calorie recipes using these and they are a great motivational product to aid with weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thank you so very much!"

Diane Shinaver
Alma, Michigan

"I wanted to share how easy and wonderful tasting the tamale kit is. I made them for a family gathering and no one believed that I made them. They tasted so authentic, the instructions were easy to follow and I loved that everything (minus the meat) was all bundled in one kit. Thank you for making me look like a better cook!! "

M. Ramsey, Oregon, Ohio

In an effort to contact the manufacturer or provider of every product or service I purchase in 2009 (only one letter per entity), I am writing in regard to Melissa's organic grapefruits. During the long New England winters, it is sometimes difficult to maintain a practice of buying in-season and/or regional fruits and vegetables. I recently picked up a couple of your organic grapefruits in need of a reminder of the longer days to come. What a great choice it was! Your grapefruits were extremely tasty and cost-effective. I bought them under presuming the local co-op I go to had screened those from which they buy produce. After reading the information on your website, I was happy to find that you do, indeed, implement various environmentally-sound practices. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to buying your grapefruits again. They have become a breakfast staple!

C. Poe
Cambridge MA

When my Lisa makes recipes using pearl onions from Melissa,
I just want to chase her, hug her, and kiss her.
Those little pearl onions are so pretty and white;
they'd brighten even the darkest night.
I just love you, Melissa for pearl onions so divine.
We always use them whenever we dine.
No other pearl onions could do a meal right.
That's why we only use Melissa's all perfect and white.
Thanks for such dedication;
you’ve done us a great favor by creating pearl onions with out of this world flavor.

Ted and Lisa

Thank you, thank you! Thank you for making these quick and easy. My boyfriend is hooked! He wants the Lentil w/ Spinach and Linguica and Red Bell Peppers at least once a week. I never thought I would hear him say that. I love this product because it's so easy to use and incorporate into a healthy dinner, not to mention very tasty. Now that I have your web site too, I will keep coming back for more tasty ideas. Thanks so much.

It really means the world to me,
Portland, OR

I just wanted to take a moment of your time if I may please. I have to let you know what a wonderful site you have here. I know that you work very hard on it. It shows. I have been collecting recipes for well over thirty years now. Well, since 1967. So, needless to say I have hundreds. I got my love for cooking from my mother. She and her family use to run a truck stop. That is where my parents met. Well, I just wanted to take a moment of your time to let you know that I will sure be back quite often and I will be sharing your address with everyone in my family. We are all on the net all the time. So, I know that they will be checking in with you as well. Thank you for all your hard work. And all the time you spend on your WONDERFUL site!!!!

Your Friend,
Criste Reimer

I have been buying your Crystallized Ginger for many years now. You may think I'm crazy but I go through pound of it each year. You see I am very ill from a congenital illness with sometimes leaves me in a lot of pain. The trouble is I am also on dialysis. Because of this I can't take aspirin. Aspirin thins the blood and would make those needle sticks dangerous. I also can't take the other over the counter drugs because they are bad for my stomach. Over a year a go I was faced with having to use prescription pain killers which left me groggy, confused and generally no good to my child. I read in a natural healing book that ginger was a good painkiller. I thought it was crazy, but when I saw your product, I decided to give it a try. Believe it or not it works. My dad has been sending me some from Louisiana. I just checked out your web site and I'm so glad to find that I can order it from you directly. I have a large supply at this time, but I will order when I start to get low. Thank you so much for supplying such a wonderful product.

A. J. Forester
McComb, Ms

I just wanted to drop you folks a line and let you know how much I enjoy your products. I just finished a meal I made with your Soyrizo, and I just had to take a moment and let you know how excellent it tastes!! I've recently adopted the vegetarian lifestyle, and it's great to have tasty alternatives to meat. I've had chorizo, and I think Soyrizo is far superior!! Keep up the good work.

C. Cameron
Elberta, Alabama

I just wanted to thank you for a truly remarkable product that has probably saved me from a few extra pounds. Your Soy Taco is the most delicious soy product I have ever tasted. My girlfriend insisted I try it a few months ago and now I'm hooked. I am an avid meat eater and junk food freak. So if I can be impressed with soy, you know you have succeeded. Thank you!

J. Fortenberry
Southaven, MS

Just want to say, we love your Dried Cranberries! I use the cranberries to make my homemade granola and they are delicious! Great job!! And thanks for printing the coupon on the package. It's appreciated!

A. Karner
Ludlow, VT

I just wanted to say that the pineapple I ordered was positively wonderful!! Where are they grown?? The golden color is like nothing I have ever seen. This is the first thing that I have ordered from Melissa's and I am telling everyone about the website. I will be sure to order more very soon! (The consumer ordered a Hawaiian Gold Pineapple).

Thank you,
Kelly Windstein
Ellicott City, MD

I do not know how many of you have tasted the Cape Gooseberries or Ground Cherries believe me, if you have not developed a taste for them you are missing a real treat. I received six packages of the Cape Gooseberries, three of them were eaten raw and what memories that brought back. I husked the remaining gooseberries and added then to some sliced peaches to make a Cape Gooseberry/Peach Crisp.

Growing up, all of the women in my Father's family grew Ground Cherries or Cape Gooseberries in the home vegetable gardens. Ground cherry pie was our favorite desert. We have been unable to buy a Ground Cherry seed that would germinate properly and our Father and his family have been gone for several years, so we have gone without Ground Cherries.

Thanks for the great taste treat and for bringing back the great memories. I gave a Cape Gooseberry/Peach Crisp to my Brother for his 70th birthday surprise and he said it was the best birthday present ever!

Kindest regards,
J. Englehardt
Pittsburgh, PA

Hello - We were introduced to Edamame Soybeans at our daughters in Manistee, MI. We kept looking for them in our area and finally found them in Meijer's, Bay City, after we had asked about them. We think they are terrific! We eat them as a snack and there is never enough for actually using them as a vegetable with our dinner.

E. Rummel
Sebewaing, MI

" cherimoyas were amazing, and I am very much looking forward to the blood oranges."

C. Beaudin, PhD, MSW, CPHQ
Van Nuys, California

Thank you for your cheese products. I recently found out that I have high cholesterol and I am cheese lover. It is very hard to change these bad habits. At the grocery store I noticed your product, I bought a package and I am loving every slice. Thank you again. I am in need of all the help I can get.

B. Savage
St. Paul, MN

You make the only palatable cheese substitute on the market.

Mrs. A. Coale
San Francisco, CA

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