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Essentials for Valentines Day


  • Image of  Red Daikon Vegetables

    Red Daikon

    Seasonality: Year-RoundOrigin: MexicoIn Japan, daikon means “great root.” It’s one of the largest radish varieties, ranging in length from 10 to 12...

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  • Image of  Rapini Vegetables


    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USA Closely related to broccoli, Rapini (like broccoli) is originally from the Mediterranean area and has been popul...

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  • Image of  Radicchio (Italian) Vegetables

    Radicchio (Italian)

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USA Radicchio di Verona as it is sometimes referred to is a loose head that resembles small butterhead lettuce in bo...

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  • Image of  Watercress Vegetables


    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USA Watercress is an excellent addition to salads and sandwiches and makes a colorful edible garnish. This green can...

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  • Image of  Celery Root Vegetables

    Celery Root

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USACelery root, also known as celeriac or knob celery, is a lopsided sphere speckled with whorls and crevices — the ...

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  • Image of  Belgian Endive Vegetables

    Belgian Endive

    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: USABelgian Endive (pronounced EN-dyv; AHN-deev; ahn-DEEV) is one of three main varieties of endive; a cousin of chic...

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  • Image of  Coconuts Fruit


    Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: Dominican Republic, MexicoMelissa’s Coconuts are best used only for their sweet, flaky meat, which is delicious eate...

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  • Image of  Jackfruit (Fresh) Fruit

    Jackfruit (Fresh)

    Quantity/Pack: This item is sold by the pound. Fruit size varies between 14 to 25 pounds. Seasonality: Year RoundOrigin: Mexico $2.99/lb. Pre-order...

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